A "Security" Camera

I feel most comfortable when I have a camera within reach. Even if I am not taking pictures, there are always a few on my desk or in my truck. There are many on my shelves in my office. Some work, some do not, some I have used, some I still use, some are toys, and many are given to me. I have become a wayword home for lost cameras. A no kill shelter for photgraphic equipment. I enjoy thinking about what they may have seen. The importance of bringing a camera to an event or trip has now been bestowed upon the phone. Boxes of cameras can be found at flea markets and tag sales. Three simple factors are brought together throuh one machine and used in conjuction to record or create a feeling or memory. I fiddle with the apertures, randomly advance levers, and trip shutters at various speeds. It is soothing and comforting for me.